Alkali Metals
  • very reactive
  • can be cut with a knife
  • all solid metals
  • malleable
  • ductile
  • react best with halogens(group 17)
  • great conductors
Alkali Earth Metals
  • can be cut with a knife
  • very reactive, but less than alkali metals
  • react best with group 16
Transition Metals
  • in groups 3-12
Other Metals

  • have properties of both metals and non metals. ex: shiny but not a good conductor of electricity
  • dull(not shiny)
  • insuators
  • less nonmetals than metals on periodisc table

Halogens (nonmetals)
  • in group 17
  • Very reactive
Noble Gases(nonmetals)
  • not very reactive
  • all gasses at room temperature
  • in group 18
  • simplest element
  • element 1
lab notes
  • litmus paper turn red when put into acids and blue when put ino a base
  • cabbage juice turns liquids red if acid or blue is base. act the same way as litmus paper.
  • chemicals used: sodium bicarbonate, white vinegar, amonia, creamer, sodium chloride, and laguna house cabbage juice and water.
is it a base or acid????
sodium bicarbonite=base
white vinegar=acid
sodium chloride=base