Mendeleevs Mob

Purpose: To see the effect of markers, on water.
Hypothesis: What would happen if we added five dots on one piece of paper.
IV: How many dots/ Colors
DV: Amount of water.
Constants: beaker, type of water, paper, marker.


There was a penguin named Mombo. Mombo had arrived at a party. At the party Mombo had seen a discussion going on. This discussion Mombo hered what it was about elements, compounds, and mixtures. Mombo became very interested in this subject and he decided to go homem and look it up on the internet. What he discovered was that elements of the peridoic table will come together to form a substance, or they come together to form compounds. Mixtures on the other hand is a combination of the elements, that are not chemically bonded together. Mombo had been fasinated with what he had researched. So mombo figured that by the time that he got to the next party he would be very informed about elements, compounds, and mixtures. And that he thinks that by knowing all of this that he will be the smartest one there. This made mombo very happy!

Compounds combine chemically.
Mixtures to do the opposite.
Elements can not be broken.
by physical or chemically means.

solution- a mixture that appears to be a single substance but is composed of particles of two or more substances that are distrubitive even amonghs each other.
Forensic science- is the application of a broad spectrum of sciences to answer questions of interest to the legal system.
Oil refinery and Fractional Distallation- Is a process were the oil companies want to seperate the oils, by doing this they do fractional distallation. Which is when the liquids have different boiling points so then they heat the liquids to the point were they would begin to seperate.