Strong Force

Calcium Chloride- CaCl2, type of salt, solid at room temperature, ionic compound, soluble, and skin irritant. There is one calcium atom and two chlorine atoms.
Sodium Bicarbonate- NaHCO3, white solid, chemical compound, crystalline, baking soda, and soluble in water.
Water- H20, not harmful, 2 hydrogen, 1 oxygen.

Total Mass of Pink Solution
Test tube Containing 5mL of water
Test tube containing 20mL of water
Transparent, homogenous, darker pink.
Transparent, homogenous, lighter pink.
Cloudy and dark red.
Clumpy, homogenous, and transparent.
Opaque, very dark red
Transparent, homogenous, and light pink

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Use different boiling points which are seperated by distillation. Take crude oil, vaseline, make up, plastics, detergents, and solvents.

The mass of the graduated cylinder with no substance in it is 50.3 grams. The mass of the graduated cylinder with the substance is 14.2 grams. The substance smells like rubbing alcohol. The liguid is transparent and it is not flammable. The density of the substance is .946 g/mL.

Forensic Science
The question they have to anwser relates to a crime or civil action.

I'm a compound
I'm a pure substance
Composed of 2 or more elements

I'm an element
you cant sperate me.
Simple substances physical or chemical means.

Im a mixture
2 or more with me
not combined chemically

Wolf: I like being alone in the woods unlike a mixture which is a combination of 2 or more substances that are not chemically combined.
Narrator: The wolf steps on the leaf and it crackles.
Leaf: Ouch! You stepped on me even after i got rid of carbon dioxide for you.
Wolf: Sorry, but thank you for turning that harmful compund into oxygen, which is a pure substance that cannot be separated or broken down into simple substances, or an element.