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Notes From Class Today

Check out Corina's PowerPoint on the Evaporation Lab! It is great when students work independently to create projects to share with us!


Click for a larger version or this Voice Thread.

Today we began Chapter 10 Heat and Heat Technology
Clay pots are used to cool food through evaporation.
Here is a link to more information about Michael Reynolds and the Earthships.
Here is a link to the Energy Skate Park where we can learn the relationship between Potential, Kinetic, Mechanical and Thermal Energy.
Here is a link with more information about Thermal Energy



Here is Charles' Law in action!!!

Gas Simulation

We are studying the gas laws using our Pasco pressure sensors and are also researching our science fair ideas. For the science fair please remember the following.
Each project and presentation should include the following steps:
  1. Decide on an investigation and research question or hypothesis.
  2. Check with your teacher - is it achieveable?
You must have Mrs. L's approval before beginning your experiment. Please be ready with your background information when you check in with your idea.

Here is a project that I'd like to follow! Ocean Challenge Live - The Vendee Globe 2008
Here is a link from the Morning Call so that you can read more about the history made last night when Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America.

Today students are working on the Seasons Science Stories and Posters. This is a fun way to demonstrate our understanding of the differences between the states of matter, the phase changes, and the special properties of solids, liquids, and gases. Tomorrow we will be in the library so everyone will have their own computers to work on. We will start our online science fair research. If you get the chance to request membership at the wiki (see below) I can get the requests approved ahead of time. Otherwise you may have to wait your turn tomorrow. Remember to have some topics that interest you so you will be able to get started quickly at the computer.

Here is the link to the online science fair. You need to request membership and I will approve you. Once it is approved, you will be able to view the resources at the online science fair. Be patient if I don't see your request right away!

Learn more about Buoyant Force

Read about Density
Here are the Chapter 3 games.