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Types of Chemical Reactions
Synthesis Reaction A+B ā†’ AB
Decomposition Reaction CD ā†’ C+D
Single-Replacement Reaction AB+Cā†’ AC+B
Double-Replacement Reaction AB+CD ā†’ AD+BC

Density of Air? The teams worked hard to come up with a method for measuring the density of air. How close were you?
Density of Air

TED video on 6th Sense Technology - it takes a few minutes to download.
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Movie watched today:

  • mixture: matter made of to or more substances mixed together but not chemically combined.
  • heterogeneous mixture: substance in which components are not evenly mixed.
  • homogeneous mixture: is a mixture that is the same throughout/ spread throughout
  • Colloid: mixture in which particles are mixed but not dissloved. (particles do not settle out)
  • Suspension: heterogeneous mixture in which some particles settle out. (particles settle to the bottom)
  • Solutions: a very well-mixed mixture in which particles are small and disssolved.
  • air we breathe is a solution of gases.
  • Solute: is a substance that is dissolved in another substance.
  • Solvent: is a substance in which solute is dissolved.
  • water is the universal solvent.
  • Soluble: ability of a substance to dissolve into another substance.
  • Insoluble: inability of a substance to dissolve into a specific solvent.
  • Solubility: measure of how much solute can be completely dissolved in a solvent.
  • Saturated solution: a solution that has dissolved all the solute it can at a specific temperature.
  • Alloy: a metal in which two or more solids are dissolved together.

Here is the finished movie!

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Notes From Class TodayMarking Period 5 Objectives
Set 1
Definie chemical bonding, chemcial bond, valence electrongs, and the octet rule
Set 2
Show using a model, how an atom will form an ion to follow the octet rule
Set 3
Power Point 2- ionic bonds, lewis dot structures, covalent bonds, mettalic bonds
Set 4
Define Dissolve, Solute, Solvent, Solution, Solubility